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Allison Hirschlag

I'm a writer and editor.

I regularly write about sociology, entertainment, gender equality, humanitarianism, science and technology, animals, parenting, body positivity, politics, and animals.

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Screen shot 2017 02 05 at 11.06.49 am article

27 celebrities who proudly marched with fellow activists in the Women's March.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, more than 2 million people all over the world marched for gender equality rights. Many celebrities were right there with them.

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 10.47.37 am article

Stunning photos show how a magpie returned the favor to the family that saved her.

Almost four years ago, Sam Bloom went on a trip to Thailand that changed her life forever.

Screen shot 2017 02 05 at 11.06.26 am article

How an 'alternative' Twitter account is standing up to Trump's EPA gag order.

In defiance of President Donald Trump's gag order preventing Environmental Protection Agency organizations from tweeting about climate change, the Badlands National Park Twitter account began doing just that.

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 11.08.09 am article

These neighbors hung up 40 rainbow flags when a gay couple's house was vandalized.

After a restful vacation, Cari and Lauri Ryding returned to a disturbing sight at their home in South Natick, Massachusetts — their porch had been egged, and their rainbow pride flag was gone.

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 11.15.20 am article

Female bonobos shut down violent males. Here's what humans can learn from them.

Hey ladies, you know that uncomfortable moment when you're at a bar with your girlfriends and some sketchy dude comes over to hit on one of you?

Screen shot 2017 02 05 at 11.10.36 am article

Emma Stone’s Rolling Stone interview reminds us that sexism exists in many forms.

Surprise, surprise! Sexism is still rampant in Hollywood and the media.

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 11.09.51 am article

One of America's most famous highways is about to become an awesome science experiment.

There's a highway in America that's so famous, it has its own rock song which goes like this:

Screen shot 2017 02 14 at 2.11.39 pm article

9 must-see patriarchy-smashing moments from the 2017 Golden ...

At the 74th Golden Globes, the patriarchy was smashed so many times, a sexist army of misogynistic sexists couldn't have put it back together.

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 11.15.28 am article

Meet Jordan, whose love of black cats helps her speak.

Superstition, according to most people, says black cats are unlucky. But Jordan is not most people.

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 11.07.55 am article

These students painted their parking spots, and the results are a win for arts education.

A few weeks ago, Martha Caldera tweeted a photo of her parking spot at West Orange High School that went insanely viral because, well ... just look at it.

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 11.09.16 am article

Bartenders in D.C. are learning how to stop sexual assault, and so far, it's working.

A few weeks ago, a woman came into the ChurchKey bar in Washington, D.C., to have a drink alone, but a male patron had a different idea.

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 11.08.01 am article

Kids' minds are blown in a PSA designed to change the idea that jobs are tied to gender.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A firefighter? A rockstar? What about a veterinarian or a fighter pilot?

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 11.10.04 am article

These badass teachers aren't taking Trump Jr.'s judgmental speech lying down.

ICYMI, Donald Trump Jr. gave a speech at the Republican National Convention in which he dismissed public schools and their teachers.

Screen shot 2017 02 13 at 11.09.36 am article

9 astounding photos this mom took to keep herself calm while giving birth.

When San Francisco photographer Lisa Robinson was about to have her second child, she was both excited and nervous.

Screen shot 2017 02 05 at 11.18.34 am article

Astronaut Peggy Whitson just became the oldest woman in space. It's a big deal.

Early Friday morning, Peggy Whitson made history as the oldest female astronaut to go into space.