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Allison Hirschlag

I'm a writer and editor.

I regularly write about sociology, entertainment, gender equality, humanitarianism, science and technology, animals, parenting, body positivity, politics, and animals.

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The Huffington Post

6 Relaxation Hacks For People Who Hate Meditating | HuffPost

If you suffer from stress and anxiety, odds are someone in your life has mentioned meditation as a way to cope with it.

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A Comprehensive Advisory System Based On Sean Spicer's ...

Feet straight ahead, eyes forward, hands not on podium:

A relatively calm, slow day at the White House. So far no one’s been fired, and the President’s only tweeted twice about not colluding with Russia and once about voter fraud.

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French Kiss 2: Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron Lost in Italy ...

After the inaugural meeting for the G7 Summit, young and lithe politicians Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron steal away to a private garden in Taormina, Sicily to have a more intimate conversation.

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Matt McGorry talks 'The Mask You Live In,' toxic masculinity and being a feminist

Matt McGorry, star of Orange Is the New Black and How to Get Away With Murder, is taking a short break from his ongoing advocacy for human rights to promote director Jennifer Siebel Newsom's The Mask You Live In, a stirring documentary about toxic masculinity.

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'Anne with an E' Review: The Netflix adaptation hits the nostalgia button and more

"I can't be perfectly happy," Anne Shirley tells her prospective adoptive father Matthew Cuthbert on their carriage ride to Green Gables. "Nobody could who has red hair. It will be my lifelong sorrow."

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Teen Vogue

'Big Little Lies' Teaches an Important Lesson on Domestic Abuse

“It’s important to remember that abuse is never ever deserved.”

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The Ladders

Are you being paranoid about being left out of the loop at work?

Everyone has bouts of paranoia over their job from time to time. Whether there’s genuine cause for concern or not — an impending merger or layoffs, for example — that feeling can creep over you for any number of reasons.

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27 celebrities who proudly marched with fellow activists in the Women's March.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, more than 2 million people all over the world marched for gender equality rights. Many celebrities were right there with them.

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Stunning photos show how a magpie returned the favor to the family that saved her.

Almost four years ago, Sam Bloom went on a trip to Thailand that changed her life forever.

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How an 'alternative' Twitter account is standing up to Trump's EPA gag order.

In defiance of President Donald Trump's gag order preventing Environmental Protection Agency organizations from tweeting about climate change, the Badlands National Park Twitter account began doing just that.

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These neighbors hung up 40 rainbow flags when a gay couple's house was vandalized.

After a restful vacation, Cari and Lauri Ryding returned to a disturbing sight at their home in South Natick, Massachusetts — their porch had been egged, and their rainbow pride flag was gone.

Toilet training cats article
She Knows

I tried to train my cats to use the toilet so you don't have to

Here's a handy guide to teaching your cats how to use the toilet (that may or may not work)

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The Ladders

7 secrets to success you can learn from the 7-year-old girl who impressed Google

Google CEO Sundar Pichai received a unique job inquiry recently. Not only was it sent directly to him — hardly the norm for a giant company — but it was also hand-written by a 7-year-old girl.

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Female bonobos shut down violent males. Here's what humans can learn from them.

Hey ladies, you know that uncomfortable moment when you're at a bar with your girlfriends and some sketchy dude comes over to hit on one of you?

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Emma Stone’s Rolling Stone interview reminds us that sexism exists in many forms.

Surprise, surprise! Sexism is still rampant in Hollywood and the media.