Allison Hirschlag

Allison Hirschlag

I'm a writer and editor.

I regularly write about sociology, entertainment, gender equality, humanitarianism, science and technology, animals, parenting, body positivity, politics, and animals.

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Matt McGorry talks 'The Mask You Live In,' toxic masculinity and being a feminist

Matt McGorry, star of Orange Is the New Black and How to Get Away With Murder, is taking a short break from his ongoing advocacy for human rights to promote director Jennifer Siebel Newsom's The Mask You Live In, a stirring documentary about toxic masculinity.

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'Anne with an E' Review: The Netflix adaptation hits the nostalgia button and more

"I can't be perfectly happy," Anne Shirley tells her prospective adoptive father Matthew Cuthbert on their carriage ride to Green Gables. "Nobody could who has red hair. It will be my lifelong sorrow."